Private Lessons

Dance Private Lessons

: $30 per 45 minute session

Private Class Requirements

  • Student is at least 9 years old
  • Student is already taking classes at ESA
  • Student is not taking classes from another studio
  • Student is not on a scholarship

Frequently asked questions

How do I pay for private lessons? Once a time and instructor has been arranged you will pay through your DSP account like you do for regular classes. 

Do I still pay if I miss a private lesson? As long as you let ESA know 24 hours before the scheduled class time, you will not be charged for the session.

If I have two students, may they take the class together? Yes, you are paying for the time slot so the class can be personalized for multiple students. 


Guitar Private Lessons

Rates: $30 per 45 minute session


    — Student is at least 8 years old
    — Student is not on a scholarship





To set up private lessons, please email