Pointe Classes


Students must be in Ballet 5 or 6 to take this class. 

This class is for ballet students who are not quite ready to be en pointe, and for students who are already en pointe to continue strengthening essential muscles. Pre-pointe stresses correct alignment and correct classical ballet technique. This level includes exercises on demi-pointe to strengthen calf muscles, ankles, and arches of the feet. It also allows teachers to assess readiness and evaluate appropriate timing for transitioning to Pointe 1.

Pointe 1

Students must be in Ballet 5 or 6 and approved for pointe

Many factors are taken into consideration for starting pointe. Technical ability, age, maturity, dedication to the art, strength and anatomical features are some of the relevant factors. As a rule, for reasons of physical safety, 12 or 13 years old is the youngest a student should ever go “en pointe”, no matter how they good are. Students are required to have proper spine alignment, ankle strength, proper foot-pointing technique, ability to hold turn out from the hips, a well-elevated releve’ on demi-pointe with straight knees, and correct distribution of body weight both on two legs and on one. Students also require the emotional maturity necessary for the hard work and commitment that pointe entails. Exercises en pointe will begin at the barre for safety and stability. Students will progress to exercises in the centre to practice their balance and increase their strength.

To take this class, students must be taking at least two other ballet technique classes a week. 


Pointe 2 

Students must be in Ballet 6 and approved for pointe

To enter this level, students must successfully demonstrate significant progression in leg and foot strength, balance, clean and steady execution of exercises learned in Beginner/Intermediate Pointe, and have built up enough muscle strength to move into more difficult pointe technique. The class will focus on learning to smoothly transition steps to form more elaborate combinations, and on continuing to improve strength and skills in executing more difficult movements. Students will begin transferring their pointe skills away from the barre to the center and across the floor.

To take this class, students must be taking at least two other ballet technique classes a week.