Lyrical & Choreography


Lyrical is a fluid form of dance, originating from the relationship between movement and emotion. In Lyrical class, we will learn and strengthen lyrical technique – a soft, free style that falls between ballet and jazz. We will develop balance, control, and musicality while exploring dance as a means of spiritual, emotional, individual, and corporate expression.









Dance is a silent language. For the dancer who appreciates artistry and creativity, this class uses the knowledge learned from technique classes as a foundation for creating original dances. Improvisational exercises are used to teach and emphasis different themes, motivations, movement qualities, energy, timing, spacing, rhythm, phrasing, and style. Students will learn how the body can speak through dance and how to use music and sound to support an overall message. Individual, partner, and group work is employed. The year culminates in a class-choreographed piece for the spring performance.