Dress Code


All girls/women in our academy classes should wear ballet pink or white tights, pink ballet slippers, and a modest leotard. Leotard colors:

PRE-BALLET: Pink leotard
BALLET 1: Lilac leotard
BALLET 2: White leotard
BALLET 3: Light blue leotard
BALLET 4: Purple leotard
BALLET 5: Royal blue leotard
BALLET 6: Black leotard

Short rehearsal skirts and legwarmers are permitted. (please do not wear shorts, jewelry, or shirts over leotard). Ballet 2 and up students should have their hair secured in a bun. 






PRE-BALLET, BALLET 1 & 2: White t-shirt, or tank, black shorts or dance tights/leggings, black ballet slippers (white socks optional).

*Black jazz pants are also acceptable. Please no baggy sweatpants.

BALLET 3, 4, 5 & 6:  White t-shirt, or tank, dance tights/leggings or jazz pants, black ballet slippers









Dance clothes and black tap shoes.


All girls/women must wear a leotard, even if they are wearing a t-shirt. 









NON-ACADEMY CLASSES & ELECTIVES (Adult ballet, lyrical, Beginner Ballet, and Choreography) 


Modest leotard

Short rehearsal skirt or dance shorts (no gym shorts please)

Warm-ups, t-shirts and tank tops are acceptable

Pink ballet slippers



Athletic/dance attire should be worn

Black ballet slippers 



Art Classes
Young Art Students are encouraged to wear an apron or a big t-shirt so they do not get their clothes dirty.