Health Policies & Procedures

The health and safety of our students is a priority at ESA!

We are doing everything we can to make sure the studio stays sanitized at all times. Here is what we are doing to comply with Virginia’s Phase Three recommendations.

Please note that policies and procedures may change as the state guidelines change.

Health Procedures:

– Each day we will disinfect the floors, railings, doorknobs, bathrooms, most touched areas, etc. before opening.

– Barres and dance floors will be disinfected after each class.

– Bathrooms will be sanitized throughout the day.

– Class sizes will remain small so students can easily social distance. We will have marks on the floors and barres so students can easily space themselves. 

– Teachers will only make verbal corrections and maintain social distancing.

– Waiting areas are open to parents, but we encourage parents to walk kids in and either run an errand or enjoy the playground area whenever possible. 

– The water fountain will not be usable. Please bring a water bottle with you. 

– Students must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer (provided) when they arrive.

– In compliance with the phase three guidelines, we will take temperatures with a touchless thermometer upon arrival. 

– Phase three guidelines do not require masks to be worn while exercising, however, masks are required for ages 10 and up when not exercising. If your student has a health reason for not wearing one, please make a note in your students account in the “medical conditions” section. 

– Most importantly, PLEASE DO NOT COME IF YOUR STUDENT IS SICK OR IF ANYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD IS SICK. If you have knowingly been around someone who has tested positive, please do not come to the studio for 14 days. (More information will be provided in your student handbook).