Art Classes


Arts & Crafts (Ages 6-10)

In Arts & Crafts students will learn the basic elements and principles of art through a variety of creative projects. Students will experience the joy of creativity through clay, painting with acrylics and watercolors, beading, paper crafting, sketching, portraits, and more. Join us for a fun year of learning and discovery!





Mixed Media Art (ages 10 & up)

Join us for an intermediate art class as we study great artists and their works, while creating our own art using their techniques. Each unit will focus on a classic artist including Van Gogh, Monet, Dali, and Picasso. Students will become comfortable using multiple mediums like acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencil, and pastels.




Painting Basics (ages 9 and up)

This is an introductory painting class, which combines learning with fun projects to help students learn and gain confidence in their ability to create. This class is based on the principle that anyone can paint if they go step-by-step, and are willing to try their best.  Students will learn how to use painting techniques for watercolor, acrylic and oil, with a unit dedicated to each medium, and 2-3 paintings per unit. Students will learn to create beautiful pieces using the 7 elements of art, and the basics of composition. Class goals include helping students associate creativity with fun, and learning to work together by sharing ideas and positive feedback. Artistic ideas are always encouraged, and students will learn that they can create beautiful paintings for themselves