Tap & Ballet Instructor

Shantilee Otey

Shantillee Otey is a dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher whose desire is to share, educate, and connect people to the transforming power of dance. Her mixture of technical and intuitive training is a reflection of her unique experiences as a dancer.

Starting as a little girl in Goode, VA, Shantilee remembers that dance was “the first activity where she felt extraordinary.” That initial passion would be the catalyst for learning hip hop and lyrical routines or creating her own for talent shows, theatre productions and cheer squads. In college she was on the E. Gwynn Dance Company, and the Spirit of David Dance Ministry.

After graduating from Bennett College as Co- Valedictorian with a BA in English, she became a licensed minister and Preschool/PreK teacher and child care provider. She choreographed for church plays and performed in local churches. Steadily she continued her training in ballet, modern, Afro-Carribean, improvisational and tap dance.